Version 2.1 “Merapi” Released

Briker Open Source IPPBX version 2.1 “Merapi” has been released. You may get the ISO file from our download section.

Changelog for Briker 2.1 “Merapi”  are as follows:

  • [lin] add firewall for vulnerability scanner SIP port
  • [pbx] fix error on feature calltimer extension
  • [pbx] upgrade Asterisk to version 15.4.0
  • [pbx] upgrade Sangoma driver to wanpipe 7.0.25
  • [pbx] upgrade DAHDI to version 2.11.1
  • [pbx] upgrade libpri to version 1.6.0
  • [lin] upgrade Nginx to version 1.14.0

Installation should be straight forward, but migration can only be done safely from Briker 2.0 “Luwak” with latest firmware. Follow below steps to migrate from Briker 2.0:

  1. Patch Briker 2.0 “Luwak” with firmware 2001180626001
  2. Login to Web Administration on Briker 2.0 “Luwak” and go to menu IPPBX Administration → Tools → Backup & Restore then do backup configuration and download the backup file
  3. Upload backup file to /home/support/backups on Briker 2.1 “Merapi”
  4. Login to Web Administration Briker 2.1 “Merapi” go to menu IPPBX Administration → Tools → Backup & Restore, choose Restore From Backup ,then select the backup file, choose Restore Entire Backup Set and follow the instruction.

Feel free to ask questions or discuss Briker 2.1 in the forum: