Patch 1400120213001 for Briker 1.4

Briker Development Team has released a new patch for Briker IPPBX version 1.4, firmware 1400120213001. This new firmware also contains most part of firmware 1400111217002 except the Asterisk binary updates. New users may update their Briker 1.4 directly using this new firmware and skip firmware 1400111217002.

Change logs are as follow:

  • [pbx] upgrade to Asterisk (WITHOUT hoard enabled)
  • [pbx] fix briker-patch improperly clean files in /home/support/updates
  • [pbx] fix unable to save CDR due to wrong mysql.sock location on cdr_mysql.conf
  • [pbx] fix dialplans to change deprecated ExecIf format
  • [pbx] fix dialplans to change wrong format on string comparison
  • [pbx] fix extension menu, use amp (&) instead of comma on codec allow/disallow
  • [lin] fix rc.local to change from installing .dev to .rpm

Upgrade to Asterisk is necessary as this release is currently the latest and contains bug fixes and security fix.

Please download the firmware bpz file (20 MB) from one of our download server. You may select other server from our download menu.

Instructions to load the patch or firmware:

  1. Upload the bpz file to user ‘support’ home folder on your Briker 1.4 server
    • Please note that the  default SSH port for Briker 1.4 is 10001
    • You may use scp or winscp to upload the bpz file
  2. Login using SSH to your Briker 1.4 server as ‘support’
    • Please note that the  default SSH port for Briker 1.4 is 10001
  3. Do the following commands from Linux console
    • Please note the prompt $ and #
      $ su -
      # cd /home/support
      # briker-patch fw1400120213001.bpz
  4. Follow the patch instructions
    • please note that the patch is irreversible