Version 1.4 Released

Briker Open Source IPPBX version 1.4 has been released. You may get the iso (535 MB) from the download section.

Code name: Komodo Dragon.

Included in this latest release are LTS (Long Term Support) version of Asterisk (currently using Asterisk, recent Digium hardware driver DAHDI version, recent Sangoma wanpipe driver, latest OpenVox patches and other recent release of supporting tools and applications. Experimental items that we include in this release are tools related to network management such as NAT and Firewall settings, VPN management, and a drop-in replacement for malloc(), The Hoard Memory Allocator, which we believe will improve overall performance.

Briker IPPBX version 1.4 is based on CentOS 6.0 for i386, its different from previous version which was based on Ubuntu Server 9.04. The reason to switch to CentOS is simply because CentOS is easier to be modified to suit our needs.

Below are changes made and incorporated in Briker 1.4:

  • [pbx] upgrade to Asterisk
  • [pbx] upgrade Sangoma driver for PRI and TDM to wanpipe 3.5.23
  • [pbx] upgrade device drivers and to use DAHDI
  • [pbx] upgrade dahdi driver to use OpenVox cards A810, A1610 & A2410
  • [pbx] upgrade deprecated dialplan commands
  • [pbx] upgrade web fax system to Briker Fax Management v1.0
  • [pbx] upgrade fax system to support fax status, sender name and station ID
  • [pbx] fix User Portal, simplify menus
  • [pbx] fix outboundcid does not have any effect
  • [pbx] fix CDR, accurate recording data
  • [pbx] fix Xorcom autoconfiguration setup
  • [pbx] fix briker-sangoma-on and off script
  • [pbx] fix briker-xpp-on and off script
  • [pbx] fix delayed/slow apply configuration from web
  • [pbx] fix and enhance callback module
  • [pbx] fix to catch on-demand recording in User Portal
  • [pbx] fix paging for several additional phones like Yealink and Brikertel
  • [pbx] fix paging for Grandstream Video Phone (GXV3140, GXV3175)
  • [pbx] fix phpagi, rename goto() to briker_goto()
  • [pbx] fix User Portal, remove modules from administrator, update main.conf
  • [pbx] fix Backup & Restore, add global database configuration
  • [pbx] fix xpp briker, load driver for channel bank
  • [pbx] add STUN to get externip from STUN server configured on briker.conf
  • [pbx] add autoprovision support for AT620 and probably other ATCOM’s phones
  • [pbx] add Phone Keylock, secure your phone with a PIN (*50 and *51)
  • [pbx] add PIN Lock, users can use other phone to call using own account (*56)
  • [pbx] add Google Talk (jingle) support
  • [pbx[ add in addition to for better H.323 supports
  • [pbx] add to support Cisco SCCP
  • [pbx] add to support MGCP
  • [pbx] modify Sangoma related scripts to automate driver installation
  • [pbx] modify Briker to use .WAV (format wav49) for call monitor and voicemail
  • [pbx] modify Briker Core to enable plugin addition
  • [pbx] rename briker-getlinein to getlinein-briker, tools to provide a PA system
  • [pbx] harden security to pass extensive tests from a web pentest software
  • [lin] move all briker command to /usr/local/sbin
  • [lin] add OpenVPN for easy remote maintenance and secure VoIP connection
  • [lin] add PPTP VPN server and client for easy remote VoIP connection
  • [lin] add Firewall configuration menu on Server Manager, includes NAT setup
  • [lin] add dynamic DNS service updater, configured from briker.conf
  • [lin] replace standard malloc() with The Hoard Memory Allocator 3.8
  • [lin] upgrade Webmin to version 1.560
  • [lin] add more modules in Webmin to support IPPBX services
  • [lin] change Webmin port to 10002
  • [lin] change SSH port to 10001
  • [lin] switch base Linux distribution to CentOS 6.0 for i386

We hope to get as much as possible feedbacks from you, please post your questions and share your views about Briker Open Source IPPBX in our new forum: